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Stay small, think big.

Fund@mental has been designed to help individual investors power up their portfolios. We make it easy to uncover new investment ideas; with data, analytics and market news all in one place.

To deepen client relationships, illuminate everything.

Fund@mental enables you to bring your clients’ entire portfolio into view, not just your mandate.


From other managers’ portfolios, individual trading accounts, bank accounts, and soon direct investments – such as private-equity and hedge fund stakes, real-estate and collectibles – to liabilities, we can consolidate a real-time view of all your clients’ U/HNW assets.


This complete view enables you to identify opportunities and manage financial risks efficiently.

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Financial Advisors.

They are Fund@mental’s stepping stone. The platform offers them a centralized way to conduct their practice efficiently. Access to market information, wether is through our sponsors thought leadership pieces or Fund@mental Insights, they are exposed to great content that allows them to remain well informed in order to provide their clients with better decisions. Performing independent analysis on a broad database of financial products is now a reality: from Mutual funds and ETFs to stocks and bonds and Private Funds, Advisors can now build better portfolios for their clients. 

See everything you need, on one screen
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Institutional Investors

We serve Family Offices, Pension plans, Endowments and other accredited/Qualified investors by proving access to differential products that can complement and enhance their portfolios considering liquidity, cash flow, geographical diversification and risk profile. Through the platform, Institutional investors can also contact our sponsors directly, and monitor and report their investments, with the ability to simulate changes before committing capital to them. 

Compare anything
and everything

Your products don’t operate in a vacuum, that’s why we’ve made it easy to track performance vs. any security such as stocks, ETFs and other mutual funds.

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In-depth analysis

Convert clients with impressive in-depth market analysis utilizing Fund@mental’s powerful analytical and graphing tools.

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Save time

Fund@mental provides you with everything investors need; all in one place, so you can spend less time gathering data while freeing time for other activities.

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Share insight

Fund@mental makes it easy for you to generate and share insight — quickly get a link or export personalized graphs to use in emails and presentations.

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Asset Managers

Fund@mental works with Asset Managers to complement their traditional distribution efforts. For those that have in house wholesalers, we provide support by giving their clients access to factsheets, thought leadership content and the analytics to conduct meetings with advisors more efficiently. For those that require boots on the ground, Fund@mental offers, through our subsidiary F@DS, access and coordination to dedicated, local, ready to go, third party distribution teams to jump start their efforts in a particular region. 

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For Individual Investors Fund@mental offers a solution beyond the traditional trading platforms offered by banks and brokers. They can rely on our independence to perform their own analysis and discuss it with their financial advisor, improving the quality of the discussions and enhancing the transparency of the relationship. Our global and mobile approach guarantees access to the information they are looking for anywhere, any time. 

Great investments start with 
great insight.

Join with the thousands of investors who’ve discovered Fund@mental.

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