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Fund@mental is the technology solution you’ve always wanted, helping you choose, implement and integrate the investments that meet your unique needs.

Our benefits to Investors,
Advisors and Asset Managers

New experience in searching, constructing and investing in thousands of securities and investment strategies.


Our team members aren’t just technologists; we bring experience managing systems for wealth managers of all types, as well as wealthy families and family offices. Beyond the bits and bytes, we work with your organization to create and maintain solutions that accentuate your differentiators, create operational efficiencies and improve quality. 

We tackle all aspects of IT; from systems design, implementation and integration, to other IT disciplines such as IT security and business continuity.

Office Meeting


Professional expertise
with a comprehensive

Full service offering.

Fund@mental Investment Services is a fully owned subsidiary that provides external CIO Investment Services and money management capabilities. It provides among other the following services:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation

  • Tactical Asset Allocation 

  • Security Selection

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Investment Policy design. 

  • Model portfolios 

  • Private Funds Due Dilligence

  • Private Equity Program design and implementation.

A solution for
every investor


Professional expertise
with a comprehensive

Full service offering.

Fund@mental Compliance Services is a fully owned subsidiary that provides statutory supervision to funds distribution teams in the U.S. Through its state of the art technology, it provides, among others, the following services:

  • Process all appropriate representative principal registrations, tests, and renewals

  • Provide all Reps with a compliance manual and related procedures

  • Annual compliance meetings

  • FINRA’s compliant Continuing Education Program

  • Perform email review and private placement marketing materials review and approval. 

  • Provide a supervising principal at the Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ) location and provide training

How we can work together.

Fund@mental has been designed with the power and flexibility to enhance your practice. Find out how.

Stock Trading App

Strategy & Implementation

Independent wealth managers and Institutional Investors now have access to superior tools, and capabilities, previously limited to very large institutions. Levering technology, you can now outsource certain aspects of your investment process, such as Security selection or Asset Allocation to focus on your business.

Data on a Touch Pad


Conduct your practice within the regulatory framework working with a team of experienced compliance professionals that will ensure your business adheres to all the rules and regulations that affect your day to day activities, allowing you to focus on client related matters.    

Business Meeting

Capital raise

Through our extensive network of local teams in the region, we can connect Asset managers with the appropriate sales teams to help them reach their clients and prospects efficiently.


Professional expertise
with a comprehensive

Full service offering.

Fund@mental Distribution Services is a fully owned subsidiary that provides fund distribution services for Asset managers looking to raise assets in the US Offshore and Latam Markets, as well as Europe. In combination with Fund@mental platform and supported by dedicated local teams with long stablished relationships, we vertically integrate and align all available capabilities to focus on one goal: raise capital.

Great investments start with 
great insight.

Join with the thousands of investors who’ve discovered Fund@mental.

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