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Plans for the New Year.

Another year is gone and a new one will start tomorrow. Once again it’s time to reflect on what happened, make adjustments on those things that can be improved, and make plans for the new year. As part of those plans, having a good and ambitious book list is really important. It helps us to better understand what’s happening. I’m sharing mine below to perhaps inspire you to read about a certain topic. I hope that some of you share your lists to inspire me to read about something that you’re interested in. For the new year we have also ambitious plans for Fund@mental: (1) we have new sponsors coming into the platform, that will be announced soon, (2) we are launching our premium version, where you will be able to analyze and build portfolios with stocks and bonds on top of Mutual funds and ETFs, (3) we are launching Fund@mental Investment Services (FIS) where we will be able to provide you with external CIO services (Asset Allocation, Security Selection, Due Diligence, investment modules and model portfolios) and more. Stay tuned and if you haven’t done so, register at

Happy New year.

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