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YTD returns by asset class

In the table below you can find the returns per subasset class over the last 11 years (until last week). A few things stand out from it: (1) this year only 12% of the subasset classes presented positive returns. If measured in real terms, just one (commodities) or 6%. That is the second lowest percentage of assets in positive territory of the period. (2) Despite its precipitous fall, Bitcoin is still, at least measured as of last week, the best asset of the last 11 years. (3) long treasuries have returned almost the same money to investors as investment grade bonds. (4) EAFE stocks have returned almost the same money as HY bonds in the period. (5) after 2018, were only cash showed a positive return, 2019 was phenomenal year, with 100% of the subasset classes in positive territory.

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