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There are several wars in the world today. The traditional one, being fought in Ukraine, has the opportunity to end soon, as today Russia has offered a (doubtful) ceasefire if the borders between Russia and Ukraine stand as they are today, with some parts of Ukraine conquered by Russia. The conflict in the Middle East is unfortunately gaining momentum, as the West keeps trying to contain escalation. But there are also other wars going on as we speak: there is a trade war, where we’ve seen how the Biden administration has imposed tariffs on certain chinese imports. There is also a currency war, where China is trying to de-dollarize itself by conducting more transactions in Renminbi, and as can be seen in the table below, they’re advancing. And Japan MoF is fighting to defend the Yen against bets that see the macro imbalance in Japan to avoid a currency collapse. It is no coincidence that precious metals are going up lately.

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