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AI is already here

The U.S. intelligence community has released its annual threat assessment (see below). Among the usual threats, such as China, Russia, Iran, ISIS, North Korea etc, there’s an unusual mention to AI. The report is 41 pages and it says you should be able to read it in 62 min. However, if you upload it to your AI assistant of choice, you can get a 2 page summary and read it in 5 min. But you can also receive a deep fake video that can change your opinion on almost anything instantly, and that’s the threat. Coincidently, the European Union released its AI Act ( where they intent to regulate the dos and don’ts for AI, which is similar to trying to put a wall on an open field, but the subject is so existentially important that having a regulatory framework, albeit imperfect, is better than the alternative. The AI threat/opportunity is already here.

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