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An electoral year

2024 is an electoral year. Worldwide, 64 countries where half of the global population live will undergo an electoral process to elect new president or renew a governing chamber. Notably, #russia, #taiwan, #ukraine, #mexico and of course the U.S. will elect new President, and the potential geopolitical impact is huge. Few doubt Putin will continue to manage the reins of Russia, but he may have to do something about the #ukrainewar if he wants to secure his position at the top with renewed popularity. Taiwan new leader will have to deal with the reunification pressure from mainland China where the pressure is patiently raising. And of course the US, where the primaries will soon start and where it’s not clear at all who the main candidates will be for both parties, but more importantly, if the results of the elections in November will be accepted by both candidates and if the process will be conducted in a peacefully and orderly manner.

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