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BRICS summit

The #bricssummit2023 is causing some shockwaves before hand due to the speculation they may add more countries (22) to the brics acronym, and the amount of natural resources the new block would control is enough to change the world order. The share of global #gdp under the new alliance could reach 45%, greatly influenced by China, the second largest economy in the world. But the biggest concern, appears to be the creation of the new currency, backed by gold, which will be used as the settlement currency for all commodities transactions, away from the dollar. It is precisely the fact that this topic is not in the agenda what is sparking speculation. Russia and China have a vested interest in the project as they are one of the biggest oil exporters in the world, and currently sanctioned by the U.S., and the other, one of the biggest consumers of natural resources in the world who wants to become the ruler of the new world order.

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