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Elections winding road

On November 5th, American citizens will elect the next president of the U.S. from today to that date, there is a number of milestones that both parties and candidates have to clear to get to election date. The Republican Party has gone through the Caucases in Iowa and New Hampshire and as you can see below, the path to presidency is intense for both candidates. 62% of Americans polled by AP, think democracy is at risk in the U.S. depending who wins on Nov 5th. The problem is republican voters think that way about the democrat candidate, and viceversa, and only 33% of Americans polled, say they will accept the results of the presidential election. As of this writing Donald Trump appears to be the most likely candidate for the Republican Party, but it’s not clear his name will appear in the ballots on all states. On the democrat side, Joe Biden seems to be the candidate, but until the summer where the national conventions for both parties will take place, a lot can happen. Despite this uncertainty, markets continue to show resiliency at all time highs.

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